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Where do I start with Paris? Never, and I mean absolutely NEVER buy tickets for a cheap bus from London to Paris, learned my lesson there. For me, going to Paris was more one of those trips you consider because everyone says you have to do it. I don’t regret going one bit, I mean I had great pastries and went to Disneyland for round two. I will spare you the details about Disneyland Paris because I already did a post about it here.

I think my favorite part about this trip was the food, a baguette with every meal? Yes, please. Although I’m not a huge museums person (controversial, I know) the art was a close second. Paris is a city surrounded by art everywhere you go, my friend and I got one of those passes where you pay like 40 for pretty much every museum and attraction, 20/10 would recommend.

Can I tell you the one thing I did not appreciate? The number of stairs everywhere you go. We went to Sacré-Coeur cathedral and Arc du Triumph the same day and I almost died. I wish I was joking or being dramatic but I was seconds away from an asthma attack ~asthmatic life~ Health issued aside both views were beautiful and worth the imminent death.

We went to a LOT of churches, though it seems that’s what you do in Europe. The works of art they have for windowsills truly amaze me to this day.

I couldn’t not do Eiffel Tower, my sister dreams of going to Paris someday so obviously I had to facetime her while I was there so she could live that experience with me. I will say, I was very disappointed no one got engaged while I was there, cliché? Maybe, but I wanted to see one.


Regardless of all the times we got lost, I truly had the best time in Paris. Recommendations? Pay more for better transport, don’t try to work on your dissertation whilst traveling, eat more pastries than I did, and maybe try not to sing Hunchback of Notre Dame while you walk through Notre Dame (100% guilty).

Paris holds the key to my heart,
           - Michelle 

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