Dancing in the Street, in Barcelona | 2018 Travels

If you think I went to Barcelona because the Cheetah Girls went to Barcelona let me tell you that you are absolutely, 100% correct. Was it the only reason? No, was it the biggest reason? Yes.

All jokes aside, before I was dead set on going to London for grad school I had researched a couple of programs in Barcelona; so, visiting was less of a question and more of a statement.

Initially, my trip was supposed to be a different date to meet my cousin and his wife but airfare was too expensive so I only got to see them my last day there. However, that meant it was my first ever solo trip and it was honestly amazing.

Not going to lie, at first, I was very hesitant of solo travel but it turned out to be the most amazing trip ever. If I felt tired and wanted to go back to the Airbnb, I did or if I was hungry I could eat; I got to do whatever I wanted without having to take someone else into consideration.

I won’t really talk about the history side because it’s quite extensive but the architecture was breathtaking.

Casa Batlló was more mind-blowing than it looks in pictures. Gaudí truly saw far beyond art and architecture as a whole. 

Also, yes, I paid 12 for this picture down below. #noraggrets

Sagrada Familia, I don’t think there are enough words to describe Sagrada Familia. The thought and meaning behind every crevice is outstanding. Whether you’re religious or not, I recommend visiting Sagrada Familia for its extensive history alone. 

The last place I’m going to specifically point out is Park Güell and I’m pretty sure we all know why I was adamant on visiting. Honestly, I drove my cousin crazy because I absolutely HAD to go see the benches.

Also if you were obsessed with ANTM you
know why I had to take a picture of this.

I know I’m horrible at this whole travel blogger thing, but Barcelona was honestly amazing, one of – if not my favorite place I visited. I mean, I could speak freely without second guessing myself with my English, the food was phenomenal, got to see family after almost a year without any of them, and the architecture was absolutely breathtaking.

I don’t think I have any specific advice when it comes to Barcelona; self-guided tours will be your best friend, food is way cheaper than London and France, and carry some SPF with you (learned that the hard way).

Strut like you mean it,

                 - Michelle

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