The One With: The Roadtrip

A couple of weeks ago I ventured on a rather small road trip with my sister and cousin that we had intended on doing before I left for Orlando but never got around to doing. During our Three Kings Day celebrations, my cousin brought the whole idea back up, and because it had to be done before she started school again we basically planned it out in a matter of two or three days. I say “we planned it” but in reality, all I did was agree to everything my cousin suggested on our Whatsapp group.

When it comes to going around the Island, those of us living on the East side usually tend to go for the same route, that one being the south. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful places to see on the South, but after going to the same places over and over and over again you need to see new and fresher things.

Our first stop was the Bacardí Distillery; there we did the historic tour in which they tell you how the company came to be and how the rum is made. You also get the chance to see all these original documents that have been stored, as well as getting to smell their different rums. Whether or not you like alcohol it’s something I definitely recommend doing. I truthfully enjoyed the tour and a little tip for all of you that live in Puerto Rico, if you take your driver’s license you get a discount.

*whispers* You also get a free drink with the tour.

Once we were done with Bacardí, we headed down to Isla de Cabras Leprosarium, which used to be a place where people with leprosy were sent to be isolated. We knew these were supposed to be ruins, what we didn’t know is that these ruins are so far gone that you can only walk past them.

After driving for around two hours in the mountains we arrived in what was my favorite stop and has definitely become my favorite spot in the world. Las Delicias is very well hidden waterfalls in Ciales, they are pretty much at the very top of the mountain and the best way to get there is to go with someone that has been before. The pictures I took really do not them justice, it was such a breathtaking view that I could not shut up about it for days. I do warn you, the water is extremely cold. My cousin, sister and I were in it for about 15 minutes, after that our bodies started to hurt due to the water temperature.

We did stop in a couple more places but I decided to only show you my favorite stops here, however, I did vlog the entire road trip so I’ll include that at the very end.

If I learned anything from this road trip that is worth sharing is: don’t trust a GPS when you’re driving in the mountains, getting lost can be the best part of the road trip, and plans don’t always work. Have fun exploring your town or your country, I sure did exploring mine.

Until next time,

            - Michelle

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