Awkward Posing In Busy Streets

A little while ago while texting my friend Giovanna ,she suggested a little session to take some “proper” pictures for my blog. I was nervous and excited; nervous because I have never done something like this, but excited because it means making my blog look a little bit fancier.

This past Friday we went to Santurce, home to my alma mater, and stopped in two different murals to take some pictures. If you’ve ever been to the area you would know that Santurce is filled with beautiful art.
Pretty much everywhere you look you see a different mural, most of them created for “Santurce es ley”, an urban artist showcase that has been held for the past five years. I wish I could give you the names of the people that made the murals in the pictures, but they weren’t signed.

We wanted to get more of those pieces integrated in the session, unfortunately we only got two of them; mainly because we didn’t choose the best hour to take these photos, I was very awkward throughout the entire thing, and parking in that area is also a really big pain.


If you ask Giovanna she’ll say it’s because I made it awkward, but how can you not when you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re trying to look cool, but not look like you’re trying too hard. I applaud models and their ability to always look flawless no matter the situation.

These are some of my best attempts to look like a cool blogger.

Here’s to more awkward photo shoots in the future.

Forever awkward,

              - Michelle 

Photos and make-up by: Giovanna Victoria
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