If You Like Piña Colada And Having Time To Relax

Ever since I started working full time the idea of any sort of vacation seemed so far away not even Marty McFly could tell me when I would have one. Although I didn’t really get a lengthy vacation, I took advantage over the fact that it was my sister’s college graduation and asked for three days off even if it meant fewer hours and a smaller paycheck.

Thanks to my employee discount we got a nice deal and stayed at the hotel near the convention center where the graduation was held and let me tell you, did I need those days off to enjoy a nice hotel, instead of working at one.  However it is kind of weird having a long weekend at the beginning of the week, but with the graduation being at 8:30am on a Wednesday, we needed to get there on Tuesday.

Tuesday was very uneventful; we got to the hotel, checked-in, swam for a bit and then spent a good hour and a half straightening my hair for the next day. On Wednesday after the ceremony, we headed over to have lunch with my sister, her friend, our parents and uncles, as well as Giovanna who joined us on the trip.

We were so all over the place I barely had a chance to take pictures. I did take some more snaps on Thursday before we had to leave the hotel. The pool area was so nice and the water was the perfect temperature for the warm weather we had those days. In all honesty, my goals for the “weekend” were to spend some quality time with my mom and my sister because I barely get to see them since I’m always working, and my sister recently started working as well. As well as getting to drink a nice piña colada by the pool, I did get the piña colada but it was basically store-bought mixture and not the perfect concoction us Puerto Ricans have mastered.

 It’s nice to get to celebrate iconic moments with the people that mean the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your house or in a nice hotel, celebrate the good and spend time with those you love. Sappy ending to this very short, very unlike me post, right? I hope you at least enjoy all the food pictures because those wings and fries were amazing.

Until next time,

      - Michelle

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