Give Yourself a Minute and Take a Deep Breath

What a better way to spend your days off than having a little time out and take a trip to the beach. If there’s an upside to living in an Island, it definitely is being able to go to the beach whenever you have a chance, whether it’s August or December, you just need to jump into your car and drive to your destination.  

Usually whenever I am granted a day off I spend it catching up on my sleep and on my series, just being a straight up couch potato. However, there are some days I need to go someplace else and relax. Now that my sister is also working it’s been hard for us to spend some quality time together, so whenever the both of us are off, my mother, my sister and I go out on little adventures.

I feel like sometimes we forget how important it is to take a day out our routines and unwind.  You don’t need to do anything major, just take you bag and go on a drive around, or go to the mall and buy frozen yogurt, anything that takes your mind away from your everyday responsibilities. We packed up a cooler, stopped for some snacks and spent literally about two hours at the beach, soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the water.  Sometimes you feel like everything needs to be planned from the very beginning until the end, but I feel like the best things are those that happen at the last minute.

Take advantage of your surroundings and gift yourself a couple of hours to not have a care in the world, we all need it.

With a short post but with your best interests at heart,

                                          - Michelle 

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