What Aesthetic Dreams Are Made Of | London Edition

Everyone has that one place you want to visit at some point in your life, although I have a ton of those, London has always been on the top 5. This past March I was very fortunate to go and see such a beautiful city.

Before I share with you my experience and some of the pictures I took, I feel like I need to tell you how the trip came to be. Back in August my friend Krystel sent me some airfare deal and I jokingly sent them to Giovanna, and her response was “let’s do it”. After that it was non-stop planning for six months. We would pay for things every other week until we had everything ready to go.

Although Britain is known for its gray and gloomy skies we were welcomed to the UK with blue and sunny skies. After a quick nap to recharge, since we landed at 5am, we started our venture. 

Not going to lie, I wholeheartedly believed that the Big Ben was way bigger than it actually is in person. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful structure, just like Westminster Palace. Although I have zero pictures of it we saw Book of Mormon in West End and I would 100% recommend it, a bit controversial but hilarious.

Can you really be a tourist anywhere and not go to any of these at least once? We bought a bundle that included tickets for the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s. I truly had the time of my life taking pictures with all of the wax figures as well as seeing Central London from such a height.

Buckingham Palace was a struggle. That day the weather was not as forgiving and it was super gloomy which explains the dullness in these pictures, although I quite like the contrast of the gray skies agains the gold detailing. Due to the weather they did a tamer version of the change of the guards which we could barely see because it was packed.

Overall we had an amazing time in London. Our Airbnb was apartment goals, we had a cheeky and delicious Nando’s (seriously give me all of the peri peri salt chips), shopped ‘till we dropped and drooled over the beautiful buildings. Not going to lie, the buildings was definitely one of my favorite thing throughout the trip.

Really hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Posts about Brighton, Liverpool and Edinburgh are soon to come.

 All the love,

           - Michelle 

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