What Aesthetic Dreams Are Made of | Edinburgh Edition

Edinburgh was a last minute addition to the trip; one I don’t regret one bit. Unfortunately, we only spent around 8 hours in the city, which means we didn’t get to see as much as we would’ve loved but it was well worth it.

I had mentally prepared myself for the fact that it was going to be colder than in Liverpool…my brain was ready, but my body was not. Whether it was actually cold or it was just my Puerto Rican showing, the view incredibly beautiful, from the greenery to every building on sight.

Before arriving Giovanna and I had watched some Edinburgh vlogs, as you do nowadays and Camera Obscura was one of the places that really stood out to us. I know what you’re thinking; out of all the places to visit we set our hearts on an illusions museums. I’m sorry if it sounds extremely lame to you, but it was so much fun. If you’re a child at heart you should definitely give it a chance.

 It’s that part of the post where I just show you pretty buildings because I’m obsessed with pretty buildings…is it weird that have more pictures of building from the UK trip than I do of myself in said trip? No? Good. 

There’s just something about architecture that captures my heart. I just like to think about the history of those buildings, how they came to be and imagine how many memorable moments have happened there. I don’t know…they’re just so pretty to look at.

I might have to start a section on my posts dedicated to bridges and stairs; I was sorting through the pictures for this post and I stumbled upon A LOT of stairs and bridges.  Don’t worry; I’ll spare you that.

Edinburgh to most is the birthplace to Harry Potter; although I might be the worst fan out there because I adore the films but have never read the books, I did freak out a little bit when I saw some of the places that inspired the infamous book and film series. I didn’t do one of those unofficial Harry Potter tours where they take you to the café J.K. wrote the books, but I did capture things that reminded me of the movies.

I’d like to point out though; I did spend an obscene amount of time walking around a cemetery looking for the Thomas Riddell gravestone. I thought I hadn’t found it and left empty handed in the picture department, to later realize (after looking on the internet for it) that I did in fact, see it.  

Edinburgh was everything to me. Walked some steep hills, froze half to death and took a three and a half hour train to get there, yet I don’t regret it one bit. I really hope to go back one day and spend more than 8 hours sightseeing. If you haven’t been and have a chance to do so, please do.

Remember the bridges and the stairs? Yeah, I couldn’t leave without adding some of those…

Sorting out my priorities still,

                 - Michelle

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