All You Need Is... A Sense of Adventure

When planning out the trip to the UK we knew we wanted to visit Liverpool. There wasn’t a specific reason to begin with, but then we realized it was a good middle point if we wanted to do day trips.

Liverpool actually ended up being one of favorite places we came across. On our first day in the city we spend most our time searching for a place to eat since we arrived late at night, and on that note, why does everything close so early in the UK? I don’t get it.

You will see in this post that I didn’t takes as many pictures in Liverpool, as I did in any of the other locations we visited. I guess I took Liverpool as a place to relax. We did a lot of shopping there, ate some delicious waffles and walked A LOT.

 On second day we tried going to the TATE Museum but it was closed so we had to go back the day after our day trip to Edinburgh.  I didn’t take too many pictures since I was just enthralled with all the pieces they had. One of my favorite installments was A Democratic Dialogue, where Tate Collective created a series of banners with issues they felt are worth fighting for. I didn’t photograph all of them, but some of my favorites were:

I know what you’re thinking though, what about The Beatles… do not fret, I did visit The Beatles Story, which was quite an experience. I’m not their biggest fan, but I do appreciate their music and consider some of their songs the ultimate jams. I took advantage of the fact that I still have my old college ID (is it cheating if I graduated in 2015?) and got my ticket with a student discount.

Although I have a lot more pictures from the museum, I feel like I should leave you wanting more just in case you get a chance to visit. I really loved the fact that they give you one of those headsets where you hear their story and some random facts. Also, at the very end they have a gift shop with an insane amount of t-shirts, albums and random merch. Yes, I did buy a shirt that I've already worn more times that I can count. 

To be honest, we spent pretty much all of our time walking around Albert’s Dock because 1) it was really close to our hotel and 2) we really loved the view. I can’t tell you exactly what it was but I found something really calming about Liverpool. I don’t know if it was because we had spend a crazy four days in London, but I truly enjoyed my time in Liverpool.

Although I almost froze to death on my first night in Liverpool, I loved every minute we spent there. Our hotel there was also REALLY nice and really cheap thanks to employee discounts.

All you need is love…and a coat,

                    - Michelle

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