Favorite Moments in London.....So Far

Unless you don’t follow me on any sort of social media, you already know that I’ve been living in London for the past five months. I tried coming up with a post about my move and why I did it, but it was never quite right and if you’ve read any of my other posts you already know I’m quite the ranter, so those posts never made any sense. Another reason why I never came around to writing the post was that after Hurricane MarĂ­a it felt wrong to just write a random post and although I haven’t quite addressed that topic yet, I will at some point. At this point, it’s kind of useless to do an “I moved to London” post, but what I can and will do is talk about some special (and some of my favorite) things I have done while I’ve been here. I have been vlogging some of it (I haven’t vlogged in like a month) so if you fancy that type of thing you can watch the videos over on my youtube channel.

Living in London was always a far-fetched dream for me and although I haven’t done quite as much as I’d like, here are some of my top moments so far:

  • Boat down the Thames River – a couple of days into my move here I had the chance to do a boat tour down the Thames River with some of the International students in my uni (it was a uni sponsored event) and even though it rained for a little bit, it was quite magical. It is one thing to see the London Eye or Big Ben in person, but there is something extra special when you’re in a boat….at least in my opinion. I’m pretty sure you can buy tickets online for these type of tours, so if you have a chance I definitely recommend it.

  • Autumn leaves – this one is really mundane (like some others on this list) but I live in the Caribbean and seasons just don’t happen; we go from summer to summery winter and back to summer. When the leaves started changing color I was over the moon, it was something I always saw in movies but never experienced in real life. Again, if you’re used to this kind of thing I look like the weirdest person in the world but feeling and hearing the crunch of the leaves as I walked down the street was very satisfying.

  • Little Mix –  this was a HUGE moment for me, I have been THE biggest Little Mix for the past 7 years but never had the chance to see them live up until 3 months ago. I don’t have pictures from the concert because 1) I was REALLY far away and 2) I was too excited to care. Hopefully, I will get to see them again live and be a tad bit closer, but if you like LM their concerts will not disappoint.

  • Christmas markets – unless I’m highly mistaken, Christmas markets are not a thing back home. Although I didn’t go to all of them in London, I loved the vibe, the aesthetics and the overall wintery feel they give out. I’m not going to lie, I only bought hot chocolate or food, but they do have really cute stuff you can buy. I just love Christmas in general, so the markets were a plus.

  • Snow – this one is quite mundane (again) but I had never seen snow in my life, up until a month and a half ago. I never travelled to a place cold enough to produce snow and the moment I saw those little flecks of snow falling I felt 8 years old again. Who would’ve thought that something so small could make a 24-year-old so happy?

I wanted to look cool and take a "candid" photo but ended up with this mess instead.

I think we can all agree that small things make me happy, but I am who I am. Like I said before, these are only some of my favorite moments so far but look out for an updated list in a couple of months.

Until we meet again,

                 - Michelle

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