Bullet Journaling: How I'm Feeling 3 Months Into It...

At the beginning of the year, after countless YouTube videos about it, I decided to try a bullet journal for the year. Bullet journaling was something I had heard about since 2015 and always saw as something that I could never commit to due to how time-consuming it is. Give it to me to decide to give it a try when I’m back in school just so I have an excuse to procrastinate (not that I really need many excuses).

I am no way in hell an expert on the matter, as a matter of fact, I get most (if not all) of my inspo through Pinterest or Instagram. For those of you that might not know what it is, as per the Bullet Journal website “a bullet journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above”. Another reason that always put me off from doing a bujo was how untalented I am, I can’t draw to save my life and when you look for inspiration online everyone is MEGA artistic. Nonetheless, this year I said, to hell with it.

Initially, I had decided to only do trackers and all the fun stuff you see online because I already had a separate planner, so I didn’t see the point in doing weekly spreads. If you look at the first couple of pages in my bullet journal, all I have are sleep trackers, movies to watch, series to track, birthdays and random quotes. However, one day I had the brilliant idea to theme February out of some of my favorite TV friendships and that's when I decided to try out weekly spreads.

I’m still giving the weekly spreads a chance, I really like how they look and I usually try different setups for it.I’m still using my planner, mostly because it’s easier to chuck in my school bag and also because I’m way messier with it than with the bujo. Bullet Journals are very personal, you can be as messy or as tidy with it. Some people are really structured with how they do their bujos, often using the keys that are listed on the website but it really depends on your preference. The point of it is that you have a blank canvas and you can do with it as you please. One of my favorite things is that Giovanna is doing one as well and usually we send each other snaps of our spreads (now that I read that out loud it sound sort of lame), it's almost like a community. Everyone shares their spreads and what works or doesn't work for them. 

I think another reason why I’m loving doing a bujo stems from my love of stationary, it is a double-edged sword though, I’m using it as an excuse to buy more things every day. As I said before, it’s VERY time consuming but I find it very relaxing. Every Saturday or Sunday I sit down for a good 2 hours to set up my week and I love every second of it. Further down my journey with it, I might do another post about the pros & cons and compare it to a regular planner. I 100% recommend giving it a try if it's something you have considered before. For now, I’ll leave you with this one and a link to my Pinterest board where you can find pretty much all the inspo I’ve used.

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