Three Day Weekend to Denmark | 2018 Travels

When I moved to London I knew I wanted to travel, even if I only got to visit one place outside of the UK. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to travel as much as I would’ve liked or as much as other people do when studying abroad; mostly because all my “extra” money came from a minimum wage job and I had to cover groceries and other essentials with it.

Nonetheless, I was fortunate enough to do a couple of trips, yet I never really thought or considered going to Denmark. At the beginning of 2018, my friend told me that she was going to visit her girlfriend in Denmark after visiting me in London. After her girlfriend contacted me to surprise my friend in London I thought to myself “what if I went to Denmark?” and then I found out the roundtrip would only cost me sixty American dollars, obviously I was sold.

I flew into Billund and from there we took a 4-hour long bus ride to Copenhagen (frankly I slept for most of it).

I really can’t give any advice as far as hotel rooms, Airbnb or hostels as I stayed with a friend of theirs but surely there’s a lot of affordable options you can find. During our first day in Copenhagen, we walked around the city and visited the Little Mermaid statue, a cute park, and Nyhavn.

The second day was more of a half day since we had another bus ride to Aarhus, but we mostly spent our time in Nyhavn and vicinity. Also, a bit of a side note Denmark has REALLY good ice cream 15/10 would recommend. As far as eating near that area, we ate at a really cute restaurant that was really empty at the time but it was cheap, around $20 for a pasta with steak and a soda, and it was delicious so if you find yourself in Nyhavn it’s called Hereford Steak (I’ve had the receipt from that place for nine months just so I could share with you the name).

Finally, my last day we went to a sort of strip mall where you can go to the rooftop of one of the stores where they have a lounge/bar type of thing and they have one of those balconies with the transparent floor so you can look down.

My favorite part, however, was the deer park; we got to walk amongst them and it was truly life changing.

My trip to Denmark was a short one, but truly memorable. Before I go:
         + Danish kroner are hella confusing.
         + Danish ice cream is amazing.
         + They have REALLY good salted crisps.

Shout-out to Yanzel and Anne for being my tour guides and hosting me.

Vi ses senere,

           - Michelle

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