What I've Been Up To Since My Last Post

If I haven’t posted anything in over six months should I consider myself the worst “blogger” in history? Probably.

Hello everybody! It’s a whole new year since I posted, can you believe? (yes, I did say that in Jonathan Van Ness’ voice). Since I haven’t posted in so long I figured the most organic thing would be to update you on my life instead of just jumping into a random post.

What’s happened since we last spoke? Let’s see:

  •     Did some traveling to Denmark, Spain, and France. I’m planning on writing some posts with highlights and overall experience of my time at those places. For now though, here are some of my favorite pictures.

  •    Wrote and handed in my dissertation in a span of a week. Not my finest moment or work but hey….I passed!! Also, my friend made me take these pictures because “memories and it’s an important chapter of your life”.

  •     I cleaned out my whole flat (ugh flat?!?! She’s so pretentious…it’s an apartment!), moved out and moved back home to Puerto Rico without my family knowing because I wanted to surprise them. Honestly, it was the most stressful situation of my life, I swear.
  •    Went on a family vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios that I planned from beginning to end. We all know how much I love Disney.

  •     Turned 25 and that’s all the acknowledgment I’m willing to give to that “milestone”. The upside is, it happened whilst at Disney World so it wasn’t all THAT bad.
  •    I FINALLY SAW HAMILTON AND IN PUERTO RICO WITH LIN-MANUEL REPRISING HIS ROLE AS HAMILTON! I can’t tell you how long I waited to see this musical and not for the lack of trying, trust me I tried so many times to see it in London. I’m glad, however, that it happened in Puerto Rico. It was great, I died and went to heaven.

That brings us to now-ish…

Currently unemployed, looking for a job. We all know how fun that is… Trying to get out of the slump and getting back into the blog.

See y’all soon!

                - Michelle


Yanzel said…
Proud of you for getting back into it. Love the pictures! Can’t wait for more content. Love you!! ❤️❤️❤️
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